About the Foundation
The Foundation "Enfance et vie - Fondation Dominique Rogeau" was created on the 30th of April 2004 at St. Gall / Switzerland.

The purpose of the Foundation Dominique Rogeau is the charitable promotion of medical aid for children from regions around the world where medical aid is missing as well as to render a valuable contribution to ameliorate the status of technical supply in these countries.

The Foundation Dominique Rogeau achieves its goals by keeping various contacts to medical doctors in (for the moment mainly) Eastern Europe.

Personal connections as well as doctor's local networks help us finding patients who need a realizable medical treatment.

An internal catalogue of criteria helps us making our choices. The Foundation will preferably take care of acute, urgent cases requiring a complex surgical intervention.

For the children concerned, an omitted operation would mean a serious lifelong disability or in the extreme case even the death.

The Foundation Dominique Rogeau is always well informed by their representatives, who periodically pay visits for examinations.

Cooperation with local authority is another core activity of the Foundation. Bureaucratic obstacles quickly can be overcome for a good purpose.

ImageFinally, the Foundation Dominique Rogeau takes care for the organization of the transfers, the support for the patients during the entire duration of stay, the selection of hospitals and operating surgeons, which work fee-free without exception, as well as the settlement of the preliminary medical examinations.

In seven cases, the Foundation Dominique Rogeau has already had the opportunity to help.  The children could not be treated in their home countries because of insufficient financial resources or for lack of equipment and medical attendance.

The Foundation's first patient was Bolocan Viorel, 13 years old. An operation regarding the lengthening of a leg was a full success.

Two other children followed: Florin, 3 years old, suffering from a triple cardiac malformation and Corneliu, 6 months old, handicapped by a Tetralogy of Fallot.

The Foundation Dominique Rogeau will amplify its activity and hopes that, thanks to its commitment, several children in the world will be happier and more cheerful.


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